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Jawai leopard safari

Best Off-beat Itinerary for Rajasthan

“Still round the corner, there may wait, a new road or a secret gate.”  

– JRR Tolkien  

And secrets don’t exist in places accessible by everyone! 

The best thing about traveling off-beat is tranquility & exploring the local taste of a place. Without constantly worrying about the crowds, you can spend more time with your fellow travelers. Get away from the hustle of the cities and explore the offbeat hidden gems of the royal city of Rajasthan. Starting from Jaipur, on a road trip: Visit Sambhar Lake, Lakshman Sagar, Deogarh Palace (Rajsamand), Rawla Narlai, Jawai Bandh, & Ravla Bhenswara!

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A short drive from the Pink City of Jaipur lies the sun-kissed landscape of Sambhar Salt Lake, the largest lake of Rajasthan. It is the largest inland saline lake of India. With an ancient folklore and legendary mentions in the Hindu “Mahabharata”, the Salt Lake known for a story involving the companion of Hindu God ‘Lord Shiva’ & the guardian goddess of the lake, ‘Shakambhari Devi’. A temple with her idol still exists near the lake.  

The place is highly famous for its ‘Salt-making’ process. If you’re interested in the process, an activity called ‘Salt Production Train Tour’ will satisfy you. Get a glimpse of the workers extracting salt from the water. Other experiences such as adventure sports like archery, ATV’s, rock climbing can give an adrenaline rush. However, nature & wildlife enthusiasts can enjoy birdwatching, village visit, camel riding & stargazing! Sambhar Heritage Resort is the most recommended place to stay. With all amenities provided, experience the opulent luxury amidst tranquility for a night.  

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2. LAKSHMAN SAGAR~ The Relaxing Destination 

Known for its history of connections of Lakshman Singh Ji~ Thakur of Raipur with other noble families & British emissaries. It was built in the late 19th century. The property, Lakshman Sagar Resort by Sewara is known for its Rajasthani architecture merged with sustainability. The 12 cottages are designed with according to the heritage and culture of the local life that also reflects the concept of ‘slow living’. All the cottages are similar in concept, however unique in their way. Each element found in the room has a story. Each room open itself to a private pool, which also faces the lake in either side. The cottages have private dining rooms, along with the common ones too. The dining menu can be customized according to guests’ requirement. 

Other activities such as goat herding, campfire, stargazing, local liquor tasting, horse trailing, & many others can keep you away from the hustle of the city for a short period of time. The property is definitely worth a night stay if you’re exploring the off-beat destinations in Rajasthan. Enlighten your mind & soul by visiting Lakshman Sagar.  

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3. DEOGARH MAHAL~ The Royal Suites! 

Rajasthan is known for its forts, royalty & culture. Deogarh, in Rajsamand district of Rajasthan, is one such destination that represents the authenticity of the culture. It has its history of Rawats (local slang for kings) which is highlighted and can be seen while you visit the palace. A part of the family still resides in the Deogarh Palace while the rest has been converted into a heritage hotel, solely managed by the family. They have three properties, Deogarh Mahal, Fort Seengh Sagar, & Deogarh Khayyam (the tent side). With all the amenities provided, every room in the palace reflects a different era. An activity called the rural ramble takes you on a drive to explore the natural surroundings of fields, cattle and locales. A cavernous rock temple of Lord Shiva also provides a wonderful view of the landscape. The ride leads to the Deogarh lake.  

The place is also a paradise for birders. Various migratory species such as Sarus Crane, white throated king fisher, pied kingfisher, etc. can be seen in the area. Other activities such as Village Walk, Rural rail, romantic breakfast on the top of terrace with your loved one can also be enjoyed. Book a night stay at Deogarh to experience the royalty of Rajasthan! 

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4. RAWLA NARLAI~ A Heritage Resort 

Another destination to explore for experience the heritage and culture of royal Rajasthan & have a panoramic view of the local village of Narlai. Rawla Narlai~ A Heritage Resort has its history associated with ‘Maharaja Swaroop’, son of Maharaja Ajit Singh. Today, the heritage resort is owned and operated by his Maharaja Swaroop’s’ family, Rani Usha Devi & her sons. Rawla Narlai is a legendary destination that cannot be ignored and is a must-visit for everyone exploring off-beat Rajasthan. 

Other activities such as, high tea at the lake, mystical dinner at the stepwell, royal cavalry, village tours, adventurous leopard sightings, trekking & train safari can also be enjoyed here. Moreover, one can also take a visit to the cave temple. The granite rocks of Narlai make the place a beautiful landscape.  

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5. JAWAI~ The Land of Leopards (Varawal Leopard Camp) 

Jawai has a mystifying blend of the most natural elements that are present on this planet. It provides an unbelievably mesmerizing view of the Aravalli ranges, the Jawai hills, and the Jawai dam. Apart from any other hills or ranges, these rock formations are home to the leaps of leopards and many other wild animals. It has a huge population of leopards that roam free. The Jawai leopard Reserve is not managed by any government organization and is solely handled by individuals. You’ll find hyenas, sloth bears, blue bulls, and many bird species such as Flamingos, Bar-headed geese, Owls, Raptors, Eagles, and many more. For decades, harmony and peace has been maintained between the wildlife & humans. The Jawai Dam gives one of the most surreal views ever seen. 

The best property to stay in Jawai is Varawal Leopard Camp. Lavish accommodation in luxurious Swiss Cottage Tents, each named after the name of a leopard in Jawai (a specialty of Varawal Leopard Camp), thrilling village & wildlife safaris, birdwatching & crocodile sightings, high tea on Jawai hill, theme breakfast are some of the activities that one can enjoy here. The place is a paradise for everyone. Stay for a minimum of 2 nights in a row to explore and enjoy the stories of various leopards of Jawai! 

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6. RAVLA BHENSWARA~ Ancestral heritage 

A heritage site highly famous for its legendary Rajput hospitality and is a home to the noble family of Bhenswara. The castle was built about 240 years ago by Thakur Jagat Singh Ji Rathore. Bhenswara is also famous for various thrilling safaris, such as leopard safari, village safari, and other adventurous activities such as trekking & Rural rumble.  

The rooms of the Ravla Bhenswara are a perfect blend of the traditional lifestyle and luxurious comfort. The walls are painted with murals or glass bangle work, which is a specialty of Rawla. Every room has its own story to tell. Stay for a night in Ravla to experience the lavish lifestyle of Bhenswara.  

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