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Safaris in Jawai & Bera

If there were one more thing I could do, it would be to go on safari once again

~ Karen Blixen

Feel the breeze, get a little bumpy on the roller-coaster, and come on a safari with us!

Leopard Safari
Leopard Safari

Diana Vreeland once quoted, “A world without leopards; well, who would want to live in it?” After visiting Bera, you’ll probably say that too. As called by its locals, Bera is the “Land of Leopards”. The major activity here is Leopard Safari.

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Bird Watching & Crocodile Sightings
Bird Watching and
Crocodile Sightings

Welcome to the ‘land of flamingos’, as the host calls it. It really is a beautiful sighting to look at. You'll be taken to banks of JAWAI dam and find huge flocks of birds.

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Jungle Safari
Jungle Safari

Along with the leopards, there are other wildlife to see as well. We take you on a jungle safari to spot other animals such as sloth bears, hyenas, deer, blue bull (commonly known as the ‘nilgai’), and many others as well.

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Village Safari Tour
Village Safari Tour

What's better than to know about ancestors or to look at different culture altogether? Well, village safari takes you to experience the traditional lifestyle of the village of Varawal and JAWAI.

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You can Book your safaris through and even varawal leopard camp can also arrange for booking safari.

Yes it is safe, Jawai Safaris is a common platform for all tourist who visit JAWAI and BERA to book their safari.

90% chances of spotting leopard, because our team tracks leopard every day even if we have guest or not. We take our guest to those spots where spotting ratio is high. Leopard spotting chances depends on only two things; our tracking and leopards' mood.

4 nights stay and 8 safaris. At first, we try to spot leopards. Then we can try left over safaris for other wildlife we have in JAWAI like Stripe hyena, Jungle Cat, Rusty spotted cat ( World smallest wild cat ) and many more wildlife. We can proceed our safaris as per the guests' requirement.

Leopard safari, striped hyena safari, migratory birdwatching and crocodile safari, Village Safari and Jungle safari.

There are many activities you can do here. Please visit the activities page for more information.

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