About Varawal Leopard Camp

About Varawal Leopard Camp

Amidst the ‘Land of Leopards’, along with the other wildlife and in the middle of those billion-year old rock formations, lies the beautiful Camp of Varawal. It is a perfect blend of wildlife, landscape and comfort. Bera is still a pristine and untouched land waiting to be discovered by YOU. However, slowly, globetrotters are discovering the beauty and magic of Bera. Come and experience the wild chaos of the leopards.

Gypsy Tour in Jawai Leopard Camp

Located near the JAWAI dam, in the heart of the village Varawal, the camp spreads across an area of 120 acres. Situated between Jodhpur and Udaipur, it is very well connected by road & rail. The camp is run by the descendants of Maharana Pratap (13th king of Mewar), the fourth son, Rana Sekha who was given the village, ’Bera’. Varawal is the last partition of Bera. In 1949, the owner’s grandfather was given the title of ‘Thakur of Varawal’. Wild animals move across the jungles of Varawal, roaring and giving the tourists an experience of a lifetime.

An unimaginable ecology, where the village community lives in complete harmony with the surrounding wildlife; preserving it and understanding their needs as well. You'll find hyenas, sloth bears, blue bulls, and many bird species such as Flamingos, Bar-headed geese, Owls, Raptors, Eagles and many more. For decades, this harmony and peace has been maintained between the wildlife & humans. Wildlife here can be observed easily & frequently all year around, but the leopard sightings are the most mesmerizing and known to leave people speechless.

Camp at Varawal

We believe in a home, away from home. Varawal leopard camp-JAWAI offers you a great deal of four air-conditioned, luxurious, self-contained swiss-cottage tents; named after the Leopards by the host, Mr. Pushpendra Singh. Away from the hectic schedule and ‘shor (noise) of the city’, the camp is the perfect place to relax your tired soul & body and rejuvenate your senses. With well-experienced, friendly and a “Happy to Help” staff to guide you to the best Safari experience and serve you the best homecooked food, stay with us for a few days in Varawal Leopard Camp-JAWAI and fill yourself with peace & tranquillity. Guests enjoy the Rajasthani cuisine and rustic settings at the camp. Our family lives on the farm, and grows the required vegetables, grains and spices without any chemicals. We believe in the originality of things and want Our Guests to relish it.

Guests can enjoy a walk around the farm in the morning or evening time and sight various species of birds flying around. The ambience around the farm is breath-taking. Every evening after the safari, Mr. Pushpendra shows clips of leopards and hyenas that he has personally shot. He has stories that you’ll like to hear.

Varawal Leopard Camp-JAWAI is a place for true nature-lovers, or for people looking for a place of peace and solitude, to introspect their life and come back re-vitalised. People who come here, develop an incredible bond with the wildlife and look forward to come again. It is a place where you can spend the best time with loved ones, to enjoy solitude, and be one with Nature.

For us who live here in Varawal Leopard Camp-JAWAI, we want to show you the beauty this place beholds.

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